About CryoPen

CryoPen, Inc. was created because of our belief in the importance of connecting the needs of the medical world with the expanse of engineering knowledge. We strive to focus on the development of medical products using the age-old medical passage,

“To Cure Sometimes, To Relieve Often, To Comfort Always.”

We carry out this mission by combining the best people, the best ideas, and the most innovative technology to foster the development of the finest medical products. Our ultimate goal is to promote the general health and well being of our lives with the application of science and engineering to medical problems and processes.

About the Company

CryoPen, Inc. is a medical device company dedicated to the research and development of innovative, technologically advanced medical products and applications that will enhance the quality of our lives. CryoPen is first and foremost a company whose goals are focused on the research and development of practical ideas. CryoPen continually evaluates new ideas generated from many resources: doctors, engineers, physical therapists, academic researchers, patients, etc. An ongoing review process of project proposals affords us the opportunity to remain current on state of the art research and potential products. We are independently funded to take viable ideas through the product development stages of conception, research and development, prototyping and patenting, testing, production, and commercialization.