The CryoPen system provides a means of freezing tissue without the use of cryogenic liquids or gases, such as liquid nitrogen, carbon dioxide, or nitrous oxide. The system consists of hand-held freeze modules, a refrigeration unit, and reusable tips. When used properly, the system will deliver effective temperatures for tissue ablation. The CryoPen system is designed to ablate tissue by the application of extreme cold temperature. Indications for use include: multiple organ systems, wide-range of disease, viral, pre-malignant and malignant tissue.

The CryoPen offers physicians and patients a safer, more convenient alternative to liquid nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and nitrous oxide.

See what doctors in these practices are saying about the Cryopen - General Practice, OB/GYN, Podiatry, Internal Medicine and Pediatrics.

General Practice

“As compared to liquid nitrogen and Verruca-Freeze, the CryoPen is hands down the easiest, most accurate and controllable means to use when performing cryosurgeries in the clinic setting.”

Emerson Wallace, CFNP
Family Urgent Care Clinic

“The CryoPen cryosurgical system offers the reliability and convenience of an in-office, minimally invasive procedure that is safe and effective in treating diseased or abnormal tissue. This system is portable, easy to use, and brings state of the art technology directly to the patient in a patient friendly setting.”

Mark S. Keating, MD
Family Health Association

“The CryoPen unit has significantly improved the way I treat lesions in my medical practice. Compared to the older methods of cryotherapy, the ease and accuracy of the CryoPen is unsurpassed. I would recommend the CryoPen to anyone looking for a convenient, accurate way to perform cryotherapy.”

Kyle Dean, MD
Greenwell Medical Clinic, LLC

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“The Cryopen is so simple to use, there’s no preparation needed. Plus it’s great to be able to treat skin lesions without needing an assistant or creating a mess. I love the comfort of knowing that when treating my patients with the Cryopen, they do not need to worry about blood loss, hematomas, or ugly scaring that can be associated with other techniques used to excise skin lesions. And since there are no electrical or chemical modalities used there is no need to worry about burning the patient. Most lesions can be effectively treated within 1 to 2 minutes.  The Cryopen also allows me to treat my patients effectively and safely while increasing my revenue, often without having to file insurance resulting on immediate payment.”

Dr. Eric Jacoby
Personalized Women’s Healthcare

“With the Cryopen, since little preparation is needed and no anesthesia is required, treatment time takes just a few minutes from start to finish. Treatment occurs so quickly that there’s no need to involve the whole staff. It’s literally just “plug and play.”  I find that using the Cryopen is very safe with no significant complications—no scarring, burning, or stitches. Plus procedures are not painful. Most patients only experience mild discomfort after treatment. The Cryopen is extremely effective for removing warts, sebborheic keratoses, and actinic keratoses, usually in 1 treatment. The Cryopen device is very affordable. And we find that insurance reimbursement is very positive, allowing for a quick return on investment.”

Dr. Berry Fleming
Personalized Women’s Healthcare

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“Cryopen is the most successful, innovative, noninvasive and effective treatment for warts that I have used while practicing podiatry. The treatment is short, safe, non painful and does not require the use of local anesthesia. The cost of the product is reasonable because of it's outstanding effectiveness. I highly recommend the use of Cryopen in your practice.”

Gus Constantouris, R.Ph, DPM
New York College of Podiatric Medicine

“Physicians in our office have used the CryoPen System to treat hundreds of patients with verruca. These patient presentations ranged from a singular lesion to mosaic warts, both unilateral and bilateral. The patient population included children, teenagers and adults.”

“There are certain advantages with the CryoPen System. It enables me to provide a treatment plan to patients without the need for injections or postoperative wound care. In addition, patients can get the treated areas wet.”

“In my practice, I have found cryosurgery using the CryoPen System to be an effective modality for the treatment of pedal verruca in the majority of cases. The treatment is simple, quick and effective. The majority of patients receive the treatment well.”

Dr. Jerome Slavitt
Affiliated Podiatrists P.A.

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Internal Medicine

“My partner and I have been using the CryoPen system for several years. The ease of use and lack of necessary surgical trays reduces procedure time and cost per test. The system has been a big plus financially.”

Peter A. Jacobson, MD
Internal Medicine

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“We’ve been using the CryoPen system for two and a half years now and find it much more efficient and much less cumbersome than our previous cryogenic gas system. In addition, it is much less intimidating for our younger patients. We are very pleased with our new CryoPen system.”

Laura R. Braham, MD
Family Clinic

“A large percentage of the people that we treat with the CryoPen are children or teenagers. We have found that the use of the CryoPen does not frighten the young patients. The simplicity, the patient acceptance, and the convenience, and the effectiveness of the CryoPen all are tremendous advantages.”

George A. Farber, Sr., MD
Gulf South Medical and Surgical Institute, Inc.

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