CryoPen® Benefits

Practice Benefits:

  • Revenue builder
  • No use of dangerous cryogenic gases or liquids
  • Simplest cryosurgery method available
  • Decreased staff time due to fewer referrals
  • Expanded services for each patient visit
  • Established CPT coding
  • Ideal temperature not technique dependent

Patient Benefits:

  • No exposure to dangerous cryogenic gases or liquids
  • Quiet, patient-friendly, low risk procedure
  • Immediate treatment without referral
  • Simple, safe, and effective treatment

Ease of Use:

  • Minimal preparation time
  • No cryogens to replenish
  • No goggles needed
  • Hand-held CryoPens® are carried to any exam room
  • No OSHA ventilation requirements
  • No hassle with high-pressure valve